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Ex-factory price starts from 1 unit

As a leading professional manufacturer, IeverBeauty provides high-quality and effective products and comprehensive services.

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We can design an exclusive product logo for you, and design product promotion pictures for you.

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There are more products and more services. You can consult us for any machine you need.

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We provide logistics support and can assist in maximizing your expectations.

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Our service has only a beginning, not an end, and we will answer your questions throughout the process.

What Do We Do ?

Plan Formulation

The beginning of customer service

Fully understand customer needs and business needs to establish professional and practical solutions in major technical, functional and design aspects.

Circuit and Function

Production and Manufacturing

Quality Control

The company needs to use advanced technology and means to conduct comprehensive, meticulous and rigorous consideration and control of production quality for each process link.

High-quality Transportation

A company that can develop sustainably starts with a sustainable supply chain, builds a collaboration system, strictly protects machines in packaging, and wraps them in flight boxes and outer packaging. It is responsible for the rights and interests of customers and protects customers.


Beauty Salon

Aesthetic Salon

Aesthetic Clinic

Beauty Spa

Beauty Clinic

We provide a 3-year warranty for the entire machine and a 6-month warranty for accessories.

Ieverbeauty provide product training videos and 24-hour online technical guidance.

Ieverbeauty can provide sea, land, air and express delivery.

Flight case, wooden crate, etc., all-round packaging inside the machine to ensure the safe arrival of the machine.

Ieverbeauty provides complete after-sales service guarantee, including high-quality long-term warranty and online technical support.

Ieverbeauty has a variety of payment methods, credit card, paypal, western union, transfer, etc.

IeverBeauty develops and updates machine technology to provide customers with stable and high-quality product sources. Each machine has been strictly inspected for quality before delivery.

The design team is at your service online to design a logo you are satisfied with according to your needs. We can also provide poster design to expand brand influence.

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