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Titanium Laser Machine - LFHR16

Titanium Lasers to provide maximum results while ensuring efficient treatments and patient comfort.

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EMS Sculpting Machine - EMS8-2

One treatment, two results - Fat reduction and muscle building
Ems body sculpting machine you can trust

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Alexandrite Laser Machine - LFGX01

Alexandrite hair removal is a method of hair removal that uses laser or intense pulsed light technology. This technology mainly achieves hair removal effects by destroying hair follicles through selective photothermal action.

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Beauty Equipment Manufacturer

Ieverbeauty is a Chinese manufacturer of all kinds of beauty equipment to beauty salons, clinics, gyms and beauty equipment dealers. we have created various beauty instruments from face to body, and have more than 17 years of experience in providing various products to our customers.​







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Factory:Large factory size to meet multi-product production,expert technical team.

1-by -1 Product Inspection:We can reduce the defect rate to 0 and solve the quality problems.

Fast delivery:Large-scale factory, multiple production lines, diversified transportation methods, get the goods quickly.

soprano titanium laser


We are customer-focused.

We are always one step ahead of the competition.

We reflect regularly to make the best decisions possible.

We encourage and demand further development and responsible action.

We are constantly striving to achieve targeted innovation in the field of technology.

We are steadfast in our efforts to continuously improve the quality of our products and processes.

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soprano titanium laser
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arrow-left Contact to purchase Why choose us when purchasing titanium laser machine? 17YRS+ PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE 50+ TYPES OF INSTRUMENTS 60+ EXPORTING COUNTRY Here are a ...
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soprano titanium laser
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Titanium Laser Return on Investment (ROI)

The return on investment (ROI) of Titanium laser is usually affected by a variety of factors, including equipment cost, treatment demand, market pricing, equipment efficiency, ...
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emsculpt machine
About Products

Ems sculpt Machine: A Revolutionary Tool for the Beauty Industry

Dear Doctors and Salon Operators, Are you looking for a revolutionary technology that can attract more clients and bring them excellent beauty results? Now, let ...
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HIFU Treatment – Benefits for Your Skin & for Your Business

arrow-left Ieverbeauty The reality is that as we humans age, our skin tends to loose elasticity, but fortunately with modern technology, there are a number ...
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