All About Gentle Pro Laser Hair Removal

All About Candela Gentle Pro Laser Hair Removal

Did you know that, according to Harper’s Bazaar, the average woman spends over $30,000 in her lifetime waxing away her unwanted hair? Additionally, the average woman who shaves spends over $8,000 over her lifetime shaving away her unwanted hair.

Given how expensive waxing or shaving can be, as well as being a hassle that takes up time, it can be frustrating to have to worry about hair removal nearly every day of your life.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: laser hair removal. And when you get the Gentlelaser Pro procedure, you get many benefits.

In this article, we’ll review the benefits of the equipment involved in this process, the laser types, the results time frame, and how to plan laser hair removal treatment.

Finally, you can have the soft, smooth skin you want an aesthetic look that works for you. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Gentlelase Pro Equipment

The benefits that come with this treatment are related to the equipment used. These include permanent hair reduction, fast treatment times, more comfort than alternative hair removal methods, safety, and a variety of areas that can be covered.

Permanent Hair Reduction

When you use this spa treatment, the professional doing the hair removal will target your hair follicles with a laser light energy that’s intense. This causes the thermal destruction of the hair, which eventually causes permanent hair reduction after a few treatments.

Fast Treatment Times

The equipment used in this procedure works fast. You can get the procedure done in a short amount of time, after which you’ll only have to return for a few treatments before you start to see significant hair reduction in the treated areas.

More Comfort

One of the benefits that make this the best laser hair remover in New York and throughout the US is more comfort. The Gentle Hair Removal treatment makes the patient experience more comfortable with the Dynamic Cooling Device.


Because of the Dynamic Cooling Device mentioned in the last section, this is one of the safest hair removal procedures available. This prevents thermal damage from occurring in the area, making it effective and safe for all skin types.

A Variety of Areas Can Be Covered

A variety of areas can be covered when doing this procedure. The most common areas include the back, arms, underarms, cheeks, legs, and lips. Nearly anywhere where you have hair you want to remove, you can apply this treatment.

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