HIFU Treatment – Benefits for Your Skin & for Your Business

The reality is that as we humans age, our skin tends to loose elasticity, but fortunately with modern technology, there are a number of cosmetic procedures, which effectively tighten the skin, reduce sagging and restore youthful bounce to your skin. Popular procedures include radio frequency, IPL, laser resurfacing, botox, and the one we focus on here, which is HIFU treatment.

Due to its effectiveness, HIFU facial treatment is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Read on to learn how HIFU facial treatment works, what type of results you can expect to enjoy, and why HIFU is a must have treatment offering for your medspa or salon business.


What is HIFU Facial Treatment & How Does it Work?

What are the Benefits of HIFU Facials vs Surgical Facelift?

The obvious advantages of HIFU over invasive facelift is less risk and less pain, but also HIFU is a more reasonable cost for the receiver. While a surgical facelift usually will cost more than $10,000, each HIFU session will typically cost $500-$1500.


Should You Be Offering HIFU Treatment in Your Aesthetic Business?

As a spa owner or esthetician, if you are already offering HIFU facials on your treatment menu, then you probably already know first hand what satisfaction they can bring to clients, because all of us want to enjoy younger looking glowing skin!

How to Select the Best HIFU Machine for your Spa & Learn How to Use It

By introducing HIFU facial treatments or upgrading your existing offerings, you’ll help your clients rediscover younger-looking tighter skin while boosting business profitability. Along the way Ieverbeauty is always here to help. Contact us anytime!

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