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How does PEFACE work?

  • PEFACE is the first to apply Synchronized RF and the HIFES facial muscle machine.
  • Synchronized RF heats the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production, while HIFESTM selectively contracts facial muscles.

Why simultaneous skin and muscle targeting is effective

The two main culprits behind visible signs of ageing are loss of muscle tone and loss of collagen. PEFACE addresses both factors at the same time without the use of any needles. This means having a gentler and more authentic appearance.

What happens during your 20-minute treatment?

Your face will be cleansed of makeup, other products and any impurities

The PEFACE forehead applicator is secured to your forehead

The PEFACE cheek applicators are placed on your left and right cheeks.

During treatment, you will feel a warm but harmless sensation as your muscles are stimulated.


Neck – For the hyperplasia of soft tissue or fattened muscle tissue caused by bad habits such as lowering your head to play with mobile phones, looking at computers, holding your chest and hunching over for a long time, it is mainly to relax the tense muscles of the shoulders and neck.

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