DIode laser hair removal machine

Diode laser hair removal machine

Diode laser is a form of laser hair removal treatment that offers a gentle touch, removing hair while protecting the skin. This form of laser hair removal is an effective treatment of all skin and hair types.


During a treatment with the diode laser bundled light is used. The specific name “Diode Laser 808” comes from the pre-set wavelength of the laser. Because, unlike the IPL method, the diode laser has the set wavelength of 808 nm. The bundled light can be a punctual treatment of each hair, take place.

Thanks to the frequent impulses and thus lower energy, the risk of burns can be reduced.


With every treatment the goal is to denature the proteins. These are located in the hair root and are essential for the growth of any hair. Denaturation takes place by the heat applied during a treatment. When the proteins are denatured, the hair root is no longer supplied with nutrients and thus precipitates after some time. For the same reason, a regeneration of the hair is prevented, which is the basic principle of many laser methods.

The wavelength of the diode laser with 808 nm is optimal for the energy transfer, to the endogenous dye melanin in the hair suitable. This dye converts the light into heat. During treatment with the diode laser, the handpiece sends controlled light pulses above the desired location. There, the light is absorbed by the melanin, in the hair root.


Due to the absorbed light the temperature in the hair follicle is raised and the proteins denature. After a destruction of the proteins no nutrients can get into the hair root anymore, which leads the hair to falling out. Without the supply of nutrients, no further hair can regrow.

During a treatment with the diode laser 808, the heat can only penetrate the skin layer containing hair papillae. Due to the constant wavelength of the laser, the other skin layers are unaffected. Likewise, surrounding tissue and blood is not affected. Because the dye haemoglobin contained in the blood reacts only to a different wavelength.

Important for the treatment is that there is an active connection between the hair and the hair root. Because only in this growth phase, the light can reach directly to the hair root. For this reason, it takes several sessions to achieve a successful treatment of permanent hair removal.


Before a treatment with the diode laser, waxing or epilating the hair must be absolutely avoided. With such hair removal methods, the hair is removed with its hair root and therefore are not treatable anymore. When shaving the hair there is not such a problem since the hair is cut off above the skin surface. Here the essential connection to the hair root is still intact. Only this way light beams can get to the hair root and a successful permanent hair removal can be achieved. If this connection is interrupted, is takes about 4 weeks for the hair to reach its growth phase again and is treatable.

Pigment or moles are covered before each treatment or get completely omitted. The reason for this is that there is a high level of melanin in the stains.

Tattoos are also left out with every treatment, otherwise it may cause colour changes.


There may be some redness after the treatment. It should disappear after one or two days. To prevent this redness, you can take care of your skin, such as calming aloe vera or chamomile.

Intense sunbathing or solarium should be avoided as the strong light treatment will temporarily remove the natural UV radiation protection of your skin. It is highly recommended to apply a sun blocker on your treated skin.

There are different ways to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. But the best method with a lasting effect is laser hair removal. A multifunctional diode laser, unlike its “colleagues,” has a number of tangible advantages: the procedure is available for any type of skin, can be used on different areas and at any time of the year, including the summer!

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